250 New Emoji Set to Be Released


Apple, Google and Microsoft are all set to be adding new emoji as the Unicode Consortium updates their list of glyphs and smiley faces.

The Unicode Consortium has been under pressure lately to release more racially diverse emoji and it seems that the company has been working closely with Apple, Google and Microsoft to create a new line.

Over 250 new images will be uploaded to devices in the coming months including everything from thermometers, cloudy skies, fog, derelict buildings, mice, modems, vulcans and the middle finger salute.

This gives users over 2,834 emoji to choose from when typing a message.

In terms of diversity, the new Unicode software will feature images of cultural holidays, currencies symbols from around the world and historic scripts.

The new update to the code software will also allow the correct emoji to translate on to different devices whereas in the past, some emoji have appeared just as code.

The new emoji are set to be available in the coming weeks and will probably be a part of a new software update for each phone operating system.


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