Zuckerberg Focused More on Virtual Reality

Mark Zuckerberg believes that the future of technology is all about virtual reality and he’s only waiting for the day when he’ll watch a replay of his daughter’s first steps on a virtual machine.

With the recent advancement of technology, that are even cheap, the co-founder of Facebook believes that something really good is coming soon. He believes that virtual reality is the major computing trend of the future.

VR is surely going to take time unlike smartphones, tablets or laptops. “There’s a lot of hype, people are very excited,” he said Wednesday at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit in San Francisco. “People say there are going to be millions of units. Look at smartphones to see that curve.”

Also considered as one of the VIP of tech industry to support virtual reality, this billionaire considers that science fiction can be brought to reality. He believes that the world is changing and it’s not similar to what he’s thought it would be like. There are several powerful mobile devices, all which are accessible at cheap price.

This Facebook co-founder showed his interest on VR last year when be bought Oculus, a virtual reality startup for $2 billion.

Samsung has also been really active to promote VR and a $99 device called Gear VR is set to release in November. Other tech giants like Microsoft and Sony are also involved in developing their own technology.

Facebook is also set to release its Oculus Rift headset for PCs next year in March and the company has already started researches for advancements and future improvements.

Within 15 years, Zuckerberg said, we’ll likely see billions of units sold. But today it will start with gamers and tech enthusiasts.

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