New Details Surface About Samsung Round Smartwatch

Some newly discovered patent filing claim that Samsung is developing its own round smartwatch. A latest wearable Gear S2 has been launched and the first batch does not look so well-designed.

One of the first initiators of the smart watch industry, Samsung is looking forward to a new round smartwatch, which they are developing on their own. Samsung were the first company to bring smart watch in September 2013 and have went on to produce several other Galaxy Gear, Gear 2, Gear Neo and Gear S.

As of 2015, Samsung did not launch any smart watch for Samsung S6 and Samsung S6 Edge, which is of great surprise. Having stayed ahead of the market for so long, Samsung is yet to adopt to round face design for their watches while LG and Motorola are already in it.

Upon asking the Executive VC of Samsung, Young-hee Lee, he said that the sole reason for not introducing a new smartwatch this year was to break the status quo. The company does want to change the cycle and develop something unique from now on.

Mr. Lee’s statement coincides with the application submitted last May for a patent that entails the design of s roundwatch. It’s said to have a round face with rotating bezel ring and a crown shaped power button.

Samsung is sure to face a tough competition to diver their development trend from several other companies and devices like Pebble, Watch Urbane and Apple Watch. The success of Samsung Orbis can only be known after it’s launch and it surely will play a crucial role for Samsung to maintain their stand as the market leader of the smartwatch industry.

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