Unofficial LG Optimus G2/G Pro Features and Specs Leaked

lg optimus

With all the rumors that have been circulating and being traced back to LG territory, it is quite clear that 2013 will be a busy and banner year for the company. Most of us have probably heard the news about the decision by the company to cease production of Nexus 4 in order utilize all available resources for the production of Nexus 5 as well as Nexus 7.7, which is rumored to come at Google I/O through the Korean electronics company.

Rumors about the impending release of a new LG handset – Optimus G2 – have been going around for months. The said handset is supposed to be one of the showcased LG products during the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week. The rumored debut or gadget reveal did not materialize. Industry observers are now training their sights on the upcoming MWS in Barcelona, Spain towards the latter part of February.

Another LG gadget has been floated which is slated to be formally launched during the said trade event, and the said handset is named Optimus G Pro. Pundits are insisting that this one will have more weight compared to the earlier rumored Optimus G2 which failed to pan out as earlier expected. There are some quarters that subscribe to the line that the LG Optimus G Pro in nothing but the “reincarnated” LG Optimus G2.

And if we stretch our imagination further, we can surmise that the rumored launch of the Optimus G Pro during the Mobile World Congress could well be the fall-back plan of the company in case it fails to make it during the CES 2013. And when such product launch materializes during this year’s Mobile World Congress, then we can easily say that all these rumors were actually true after all.

Adding weight to the rumor, we may have also heard about the unverified and unconfirmed specs and features of the LG Optimus G2/G Pro. Pundits are insisting that LG is going the extra mile for this upcoming offering, and this should mean hardware specs for the LG Optimus handset of the highest quality.

According to rumors, this gadget will be powered by a 1.7GHz processor and backed by 2GB of RAM. Being a high-end device, it will come out of the box with 32GB internal memory and a 13MP snapper. The LG Optimus G2/G Pro will run on Jelly Bean Android 4.1 OS and will have a 3000mAh battery included into the mix to make room for the requirements of its high-performance 5-inch Full HD display. Of course, this translates to a bigger casing and an increase in the thickness of the gadget shell to 10.1 mm. With this slew of high-end hardware specs, the LG Optimus G2/G Pro will surely give its competitors a run for their money.

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