Twitter and MoPub to Target 1B Users with Mobile App Promotions

twitter mopub

Twitter has just announced the start of it’s new mobile app advertising service which has the ability to reach over 1 billion users.

The new service allows marketers to purchase ads on Twitter to promote mobile app installs using MoPub, a mobile advertising exchange that was purchased by the microblogging company back in October.

MoPub has the ability to reach over 1 billion mobile devices and currently handles over 130 billion ad requests on Android and iOS applications each month.

“This is the first connection between Twitter and MoPub and we are eager for other opportunities in the future,” stated Kevin Weil, VP of revenue products at Twitter.

This will be the first real competition for Facebook which currently offers a similar service that reaches 1.2 billion users. Since installing their app advertising program back in 2012, Facebook has helped generate over 245 million downloads.

It is hoped that the new app-install ads will be able to attract e-commerce and the gaming industries and it seems that the company has already been testing Spotify, HotelTonight and Kabam app install ads on Twitter with much success.

Currently, mobile advertising generates more than 75 percent of Twitters advertising revenue and it seems that this figure is set to grow.

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