Trade My House for your iPhone 6 Plus

house for iphone

A Detroit man desperate to sell his  3 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom house has failed to find a buyer and is now asking for an iPhone plus in exchange for his property.

In the heart of Motor City, the housing market has crashed, so much so, that a 3 bedroom house on the market for $5,000 has failed to generate any interest.

Now however, the man selling the house is asking for an iPhone 6 Plus or even an iPad in exchange for his real pad.

“Its a real listing” assured the realtor, Larry J. Else. “It sounds like he wants the premium version (iPhone) but I am sure he is willing to negotiate.”

While the property has been valued at around $50,000 the housing market in the area is at an all time low. The property also needs a lot of work and has been vacant for some time, attracting squatters and theives.

Despite all the upsets, it may still be a good buy for those willing to give up their new iPhone.

Any takers?

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