Toshiba Launches Chromebook 2 for Under $350


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toshiba chromebook 2

Toshiba has introduced two new Chromebook 2 laptops both for under $350.

Toshiba has introduced two new Chromebooks, both of which come with a 13 inch display. One model retails for $249.99 and comes with a 1280×720 HD display and the other retails for $329.99 and comes with a 1080p display and an IPS panel.

Both Chromebooks are powered with Intel Celereon processors and come with 802.11 ac Wi-Fi. They can also be configured with 2GB or 4GB of RAM.

While the new Chromebook 2’s cannot be compared to Apple’s MacBook Air or the Surface Pro 3, for under $350, the specs are definitely not bad.

Toshiba plans to launch the new Chromebooks for sale in the USA starting October 5.


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