Silk Road 2 Still Running

silk road 2

The Silk Road, an illegal marketplace was shut down a few months ago however, the Silk Road 2 has been regrouping and is up and running. 

Irish authorities arrested moderators of the site, Andrew Michael Jones, Gary Davis and Peter Philip Nash which slowed things down on Silk Road 2, but the site kept running and sources suspect that Cirrus remains running the site.

Silk Road 2 is currently closed but is set to reopen after Christmas on the 28th and the website now displays this message:

As his second in command, I have very clear instructions as to what to do in this worst case scenario.
He appointed a successor before he began. You know who you are, and you know what to do. Consider this the signal.
I cannot elaborate on the specifics, but the marketplace is safe and in my hands until the Captain returns or his successor appears.

Silk Road 2 is not believed to be linked to the first Silk Road however and is run on the DarkNet and is not Tor-based like the original.


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