Panasonic Releases Heated Toughpad Tablet

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The tablet market is a competitive one and so Panasonic has decided to give their new tablet an edge by making their tablets super tough and adding a heater to keep those hands and fingertips warm.

Panasonic has released a new line of handheld tablets that are designed to be durable and to endure the elements including the freezing cold.

Named, Toughpad FZ-X1 and Toughpad FZ-E1, both the tablets come with 5 inch screens and a thick, rugged design.They can be used as smartphones and as a tablet and come equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities.

The tablets weigh around 425 grams, which is more than an iPad and they are thick, making them durable in work environments. They also come with a thicker screen, helping to protect the tablet from scratches.

These tablets can withstand drops of up to 3 meters onto concrete and can remain immersed in up to 3 gallons of water for around 30 minutes without experiencing any damage.

The screens can also withstand being dropped on a steel ball and come with a three year warranty.

It is obvious that these tablets have been designed for construction type businesses and they may just be a welcomed relief for those needing to keep their fingers and hands warm, but also use a touch screen.

The heaters also help to stop the motherboards and circuits from freezing in the cold weather.

The tablets are expected to start at around $1,799 and can be purchased as either as an Android or a Windows model.

Currently, only Honeywell and Motorola have a tough tablet or smartphone range but it appears that Panasonic could gain the competitive edge with their more recent technology.

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