Neurocam Scans Your Brain And Records Your Interests

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Neurocam Scans Your Brain And Records Your Interests

Did you ever think it would be possible for a small mobile device to scan your brain and record your interests? Well now that is somewhat possible.

“As an application in a B2B environment, Neurocam could determine what goods in stores interest people. And because the information includes position data, you can do mapping, so it could also show what places people are interested in as an aid for urban development planning. We think it could be used in lots of ways like that.”

“Because this system is hands-free, we think it could capture a life log, which would be different from deliberately pressing a shutter to capture things you like,” ScienceJam’s Kana Nakano said in this video.

Essentially, all it really does right now is record footage from your point of view. But in a future world of online advertising it could potentially let advertiser advertise in very interesting ways, as well as collect a plethora of interesting information about what you are seeing and interested in.

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