NASA Animations Show Mars 1 Billion Years Ago

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NASA Animations Show Mars 1 Billion Years Ago

NASA recently released a video that shows what MARS could have looked like 1 billion years ago.

They show rivers and oceans where the planet could have likely supported water, by having a thick enough atmosphere to keep it on the planet.

This is obviously the key ingredient for life on any planet, water. It’s quite amazing that they think that mars used to look like this video.

Could the planet reverse and one day again be like this? Could Mars sustain life as it is now? Either way, it’s quite interesting to see what they come up with in the future and why they seem to be making a publicity campaign out of Mars. Could we one day be living up there? Do they plan on building housing up there?

It’s all quite exciting and we could surely see something come of this in the future because of the buzz NASA is trying to make about it.

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