LG and Samsung To Launch Ultra HD Curved TV’s

LG curved TV

LG and Samsung have just announced that bigger and wider TV’s are on the way. 

Forget your 50 inch flat screen TV, LG is now working on 105 inch TV’s with a curved Ultra HD display.

These larger TV’s will have 11 million pixels, compared to the current rate which is around 2 million in current HD TV’s.

The new TV’s will also have a ratio closer to a movie screen which is 21:9 while currently, most TV’s offer 16:9.

These large TV’s are not only designed for cinematic viewing but also to allow people to split their screen so half if it can be used for searching the web and going on social media, and the other half on TV broadcasting.

The new curved display will create a “truly unique viewing experience” and will offer extreme HD and visibility no matter where you sit.

While these announcements from Samsung and LG will probably change the TV market, Panasonic also released a 152 inch TV and Vizio began selling 21:9 ratio screens this year.

Hollywood has already begun producing films in Ultra HD technology to cater to these new TV’s.

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