Learn Anything in Half the Time with This New Gadget


Ever wanted to learn how to play the piano? Throw a baseball faster? Or speak a new language?

Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years and now it seems that a gadget is being created to help people learn things at lightning fast speeds including playing the piano, learning to read Braille and more.

Georgia Tech professor, Thad Starner has been working on a gadget that does just that. He calls it, the Mobile Music Touch and it slips onto your hand like a glove.

Starner, who is a technical lead for Googles Glass project branched out on his own quest to come up with a wearable device that could help people to learn in half the time.

This special glove apparently infuses a muscle memory into the body which helps cut learning times in half. He is also reviewing this type of technology for those with spinal cord injuries.

“We looked at those with fractured spines between the fourth and seventh vertebrae and found that using the glove actually helped them gain some sensation back in their hands.” This was over the course of a year and without other rehabilitation efforts, according to Starner.

While the technology is still far off, it definitely sounds promising.

Starner cautions however, that this device will not make you Beethoven but it will help to master skills and increase precision more efficiently than doing it on your own.

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