Is your Favorite Website Secure? A list of The Best and Worst Sites

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A new study by Dashlane Security Roundup has determined which popular websites are safest when it comes to storing customer information.

With hacking and security breaches on the rise, password and identity management company, Dashlane has come up with the list of the best and worst websites.

Dashlane ranked the websites according to what types of passwords they allowed users to have and how fast they sent confirmation emails. The sites were then rated on a scale of +100 (highest) to -100 (lowest).

One of the most popular sites that ranked the lowest, -70 to be exact, was as it did not require users to create strong password. In fact, the site actually allows single character passwords.

Hulu and Overstock came in at -55 points as both sites did not send confirmation emails fast enough to help users change their passwords.

The strongest website was found to be Apple which obtained a score of +100,  followed by Windows Live with +85 and Microsoft Store with +75.

Dashlane commented that keeping passwords secure is one of the best ways to rule out hackers.

“One of the favorite methods utilized by hackers is to password guess using commonly used passwords. All a hacker needs is a list of emails and a list of common passwords (both easily found with a quick search), and they can easily code an automated program to push millions of email-password combinations into login screens,” said the companies report.¬†

In order to create strong passwords, Dashlane recommends using uncommon passwords with more than eight characters that contain a variety of letters, symbols and numbers.

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