What iPhone 6 Plus Users Really Think

iphone 6

Its been two weeks since Apple launched their latest iPhone and it definitely seems that the larger, plus sized model has proven to be most popular with consumers. 

Backorders for the iPhone 6 Plus are still being filled as many eagerly await getting their hands on the larger screen device.

The smaller version of the iPhone 6 however has not been sold out as much and is still relatively easy to purchase in store and online.

While there has been much speculation over the quality of the iPhone 6 Plus and the whole bendgate scandal, it seems that users are loving their new larger phone.

Here is what some happy iPhone 6 Plus users had to say:

“Love my 6 plus. I think of it as the smallest iPad I can fit comfortably in my pocket” – @toxicpath

“Best phone I ever owned” – @mhillman71

“I had a dream I broke my 6+ and has to be replaced with a 6 and I was devastated. So safe to say no remorse here!”- @svivie

As you can see, there seems to be no shortage of loyal Apple fans who are thrilled to bring home their latest device.


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