Intelligent Sleep Mask Helps Your Sleep Better

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Intelligent Sleep Mask Helps Your Sleep Better

The skinny on it is that it’s a mask that helps you get better sleep.

“There are three electrodes which measure your brainwaves, eye movement and muscle tension,” explains co-founder Kamil Adamczyk, who’s now completing medical school in Poland. He says the mask’s electronics send a signal to an amplifier, analyze the signal using various artificial intelligence methods, then send the signal over Bluetooth to the users’ smartphone.” IQ Intelclinic’s other co-founder, Krzysztof Chojnowski, has a PhD in electronics, which is exactly how the company is making their own electrodes for use in the mask.

There is also an app that supplements the device that gives you all sorts of insight and information into how you sleep.

The bad news, there are only prototypes for now. The devices aren’t actually available to the public yet. They have raised a good portion of money and hope to get the remainder soon and get the devices made as soon as possible.

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