Google’s Super Pressure Balloons

google super pressure balloon

Google’s Super Pressure Balloons

Approximately 30 super pressure balloons have been launched in New Zealand from which they can drift around the world within a controlled path. The attached equipment will provide 3G-like internet speeds to 50 people who are going to test the gadgets within the country.

Currently, access is intermittent, but in time, Google will manufacture a larger fleet to offer internet connection to people who are in remote areas. Google said that the balloons could in future be used in rescue missions when the ground communication equipment is damaged.

One of the experts expressed a worrying factor that it will be difficult to simultaneously navigate thousands balloons due to presence of wind. Google acknowledges the fact that the balloons are still experimental in the current stage. The project has been named Project Loon.

Each balloon’s diameter is 49.2ft (15m) and it is filled with lifting gases. An electronic gadget, which includes solar panels, a flight computer and radio antennae, is attached underneath the balloon.

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