Google to Stop Scanning Students Emails but What About Everyone Else?


Google has announced that they are so nobly removing advertisements from emails in their education section to avoid marketing to kids.

The company took to their blog post to announced that it has stopped scanning Gmail messages within the Apps for Education software package, a practice that was conducted to collect advertising data.

The apps include gmail, calendar, documents and spreadsheets which are currently used by an estimated 30 million students around the world.

“We know that trust is earned through protecting their privacy and providing the best security measures,” Bram Bout, the director of Google’s education product stated. 

While Google has promised they will no longer be using student emails to scan for advertising purposes, the question remains- what about everyone else?

A pending lawsuit by users against Google for mining email data for advertising purposes is currently underway and while the tech giant is doing everything it can to mediate, the trial may still go ahead in October.

At this stage the only comment Google has made is that they are looking to adopt a no scanning practice for businesses and government accounts as well.


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