Google Joins the Protest Against FCC’s New Net Neutrality Laws


Tech companies including the bigwigs, Google and Microsoft have joined in the rally against the Federal Communications Commission against the new net neutrality laws.

Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon are just some of the Silicon Valley companies that have joined forces to help keep the internet free.

Under the new net neutrality laws, broadband companies will be able to strike individual partnerships with companies in order to enhance customers viewing and streaming abilities- removing any sense of real “neutrality”.

Currently, all internet service providers charge content providers the same price and offer non-discriminatory access for customers but, all this could change if these new laws are passed.

It is feared that these individual partnerships that ISP’s can create with content providers could result in increased costs, favoritism, lack of freedom and lack of customer choice.

“The Commission’s long standing commitment and action undertaken to protect the open internet are a central reason why the internet remains an engine of entrepreneurship and economic growth,” stated a letter drafted by the tech companies opposing the new FCC laws.

“The Commission should take the necessary steps to ensure that the internet remains an open platform for speech and commerce so that America continues to lead the world in the technology markets,” it continued.

The final outcome on the new net neutrality laws are still awaiting an internal vote however it seems that the public are mostly in favor of not passing the the new laws. Especially now that Google and other big tech companies are on board, it remains to be seen what the FCC will decide.



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