FCC Votes in Favor of Internet Fast Lanes


The highly debatable net neutrality laws have been voted on and the FCC have decided to vote in favor of a preliminary proposal to allow internet fast lanes.

The vote was approved 3-2 by the Federal Communications Commission however nothing is set in stone just yet.

Net neutrality has been a hot topic of debate these past few months with many supporting the idea that all internet traffic should be treated equally, even if it comes from a competitor or is extremely popular.

These new rules however, will allow some internet service providers to speed up the hosting of particular websites by charging the company an additional fee.

One saving grace under these new rules is that the internet service providers will not be able to block content outright.

The last time the FCC tried to impose net neutrality rules back in 2010 they were shut down by the courts, so it does remain to be seen if the same thing will happen this time around.

The proposal already faces widespread protest form people who believe that rich companies paying for faster access to internet subscribers will put others at a disadvantage and will result in internet service providers playing favorites.

While the FCC were in meetings over the new rules, the room was stormed twice by angry protesters.

Despite the backlash, FCC chairman, Tom Wheeler stated, “there is one internet: not a fast internet, not a slow internet. One internet. Today, those who have been expressing themselves will no be able to see what we are actually proposing.”

“Nothing in this proposal authorizes paid prioritization despite what has been incorrectly stated today. The potential for there to be some kind of a fast lane available to only a few has many people concerned,” Wheeler continued. “Personally, I don’t like the idea that the Internet could be divided into haves and have-nots and I will work to see that that does not happen. In this item we have specifically asked whether and how to prevent the kind of paid prioritization that could result in fast lanes.”

One thing’s for sure, the tech world has definitely received a shake up today.

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