FBI Can Remotely Activate Smartphone and Laptop mics

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FBI Can Remotely Activate Smartphone and Laptop mics

The FBI can reportedly activate your smartphone and laptop mics remotely to listen in to conversations.

In the recent weeks and months, there has been growing concern over big brother getting too close for comfort.

This is another step in the outrageous acts that they will go through to “protect” their citizens.

According to the WSJ’s source, the FBI resorts to these tactics when they’re out of options, and “don’t have any other choice.” The tools used to gather the data are often installed remotely, using essentially phishing style links that injects essentially Trojan software when clicked by a suspect under surveillance. They can also be installed via physical access and a USB drive, the report says, and in all cases the FBI tries to ensure only “relevant data” are gathered by its hacking efforts, through the use of a screening team that checks for relevancy before handing information off to investigators working the case.

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