Facebook to add Sympathise Button

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Facebook to add a sympathise button?

For many years Facebook users everywhere have been asking for a ‘dislike’ button to go along with the ‘like’ button. Concerned about unwanted negativity, Facebook has never fulfilled this request however now, rumors are circulating that the social media giant could be adding a ‘sympathise’ button.

Sometimes people post harsh, emotional or negative things on their Facebook wall and for the longest time the only option was to ‘like’ the status which hardly seems appropriate if someone wrote that their beloved pet Fido just died.

Facebook is now looking to add a ‘sympathise’ button and released their plan at the ‘hackathon event’ where the company comes together to brain storm new ideas.

According to Dan Muriello, a software engineer at Facebook, the feature will not work for every post however, if a user tags a status with a certain sad or negative emotion, the sympathise button will appear.

While the staff at Facebook seem keen with the idea, Muriello said that it is not the right time to launch the application just yet.


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