Which Country has the Fastest Computer?

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And the award for fastest computer in the world goes to….China.

America is a melting pot of technological advancements but when it comes to lightning fast computers, China has managed to trump the world again.

At 33.86 petaflops, China’s Tianhe-2 is the world’s fastest computer for a third year in a row. It was developed by China’s National University of Defense Technology.

While China boasts the fastest super computer, the US is home to the most super computers. The fastest of which is the Cray XC30 which is apparently installed in an undisclosed government site.

China comes in second in terms of how many super computers they own followed by UK, France and Germany.

Supercomputers are often used for research and development and while they have been advancing, the rate in which they are progressing has dropped.

For the last few years super computer technology has been growing by around 90 percent each year however this number has now been dropped down to 55 percent.

Despite the lack of changes to technology, the Tianhe-2 is expected to reach 100 petaflops by 2018.

Most supercomputers use multi-processors and about 85 percent of them run on Intel. For the systems themselves, 36 percent are built by HP and 22 percent by IBM.

These results were announced back in July at the International Supercomputing Conference.

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