Connecting The MacBook To Your Work Station? A Wirey Nightmare No More!


For anyone who uses a MacBook Pro that they then connect to their workstation, you know how big of a pain in the butt this can be. You have to connect your monitor, your mouse, your keyboard, your speakers, your printer, external hard drive… I could go on, but I think you get the gist… Well, one visionary looks to change all that, and offer an affordable solution in the process, that’s now quickly gaining backers on Kickstarter… It’s called the MacDock.

They’re not the first ones to try and accomplish this, but this new MacDock comes with several advantages, it seems. For example, it looks like something straight out of Apple itself, being made from the same Aerospace-grade Aluminum found in MacBooks and other Apple devices. Also, it’s a lot cheaper than current models on the market, which currently go for between $250-$300. This new MacDock will go for between £37 for a mini (which includes some basic ports, but not everything), or £57 for the MacDock Pro (which includes everything you need to connect your MacBook Pro to a full workstation).

The MacDock will connect to your MacBook using a combined USB 3.0 connection, and DisplayPort, however, the device will also be backwards compatible with a USB 2.0 adapter. The device is also totally Plug-And-Play, so no annoying drivers to install, just plug it in, and your off to the races.

Also, the device conveniently uses a ribbon cable, that’s both flexible and sturdy, allowing you to push the device back, and out of sight once you’ve plugged everything in that you need to, pretty clever.

Unfortunately, because the MacDock Pro uses two connections, that are required to be side-by-side (they’re basically attached), the ports on your MacBook absolutely have to be configured in the same way, or you just w0n’t be able to plug it in. So, this means that any MacBook that came out prior to the summer of ’09, will not be supported by this new device.

While right now, if you own a MacBook Air, or a Pro Retina, you’re out of luck, but the designers say that as soon as they reach they’re funding goal (which is currently set at £30,000) they’ll begin developing compatible versions of the MacDock for these two notebooks.

If you do have a regular MacBook Pro however, and decide to back the project, you can expect to receive your device come October, it seems, as they still need some more time to design and test the device, as well as find a manufacturer to mass-produce them at a reasonable rate.

If you like the idea, and are looking to fund the project, then here’s a link to their Kickstarter Page. In the meantime, you’ll have to settle for a more expensive device that doesn’t look Apple-worthy, but come October, you can expect that to change.

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