Brighton Wants To Be London’s Silicon Valley

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Brighton Wants To Be London’s Silicon Valley

“We are increasingly seeing VCs and angel networks coming down to Brighton and being very upbeat about the quality of the companies they meet here,” says Phil Jones, the CEO of Wired Sussex. “It’s clear that Brighton as a digital hub is key to the future success of the city’s economy and a major provider of well-paid, sustainable jobs.”

The area of London called Brighton is growing at a rapid rate and seeing a lot of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists take interest in the rapidly growing community.

“There aren’t many better places to start a technology business in the UK,” says Palmer. “Firstly, there are two universities here, and Sussex in particular has a strong computer science department. Secondly, Brighton has an amazing culture of creativity, especially in digital media. And finally, it’s less than an hour to central London by train.”

“There were only two options for the location of our offices,” says West. “Brighton or London. Brighton won without a fight for three simple reasons: There’s a plentiful supply of creative and technical talent; you don’t need a bank loan to pay the rent in a good location; and you’re not reliant on an overworked and underperforming transport system — your feet will do the job perfectly.”

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