Bill Gates’ Better Condom Competition May Have a Winner

galatic cup

Bill Gates has been setting his sites on creating a condom that allows men and women to better enjoy sex without the risk of getting pregnant or catching an STD, and now it seems that there may be an invention that is a real contender. 

Named the Galactic Cap, Charlie Powell, has created a new kind of condom that covers just the tip of the penis rather than the entire length.

Inspired by the competition run by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to create a condom that people want to use, engineers have been busy at work, coming up with ways to revolutionize the rubber.

While Powell’s cap seems like a good idea, the design was rejected from the Gate’s foundation because it did not provide enough security against STD’s.

Powell has now launched an IndieGogo campaign to raise funds to help build his U shaped cap.

The cap is made from polyurethane adhesive film which apparently can be worn for hours or even days without falling off.

It remains to be seen if the cap will ever make it’s way to the marketplace.

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