Apple Patent Reveals Live Feed Camera that Lets You Walk and Text

transparent texting patent

We all do it, we walk and text, oblivious to our environment around us, barely missing poles, other people and sometimes on a more serious note, cars. 

Apple says- there is a better way! And have launched a patent titled, “Transparent Texting” which just recently went public.

The patent outlines that in order to allow people to walk and text, a feed from a live few camera would be installed so users can see where they are going and continue to text. Oh, the future.

In order to get the best use out of the rear-view camera, users would have to hold their smartphone at eye level while working their thumbs, which does not sound conducive to easy texting.

Their aim, as stated on the patent reads, “users can continuously capture and present video images as a background within a text messaging session.”

The patent was filed back in 2012, and since then it is certain that Apple has probably been working on the best way to update the technology.

Many app developers have also come out with their own version such as, Type n Walk and Type While Walk.

It is not yet clear if Apple will be rolling out this new technology in their iPhones or if they have bigger plans.




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