Apple iWatch Is Doing Well, Though Still Has Issues. Will We See a 2013 Release?


New information on the Apple iWatch has recently been released. Apparently, it will run on iOS (which is not too unexpected). But also, it’s rumored that the watch is running into some battery problems that need to be resolved before it gets released to the public. No doubt, keeping such a small watch running for such a long period of time, can prove to be a monumental tasks, even for the geniuses over at Apple, but no doubt they’ll find a way around their issues in time.

Apparently the current prototype of the device is only getting about 48 hours or so out of its current battery, and while this isn’t too bad, Apple isn’t really looking to release the watch until it hits around four or five days. That is certainly a long time to go without having to worry about recharging your watch! However, that is still roughly what the competing Pebble gets, though we can expect the iOS powered smartwatch, to be a bit (or a lot) more advanced.

Originally, it was thought that the smartwatch would use something similar to the Nano’s operating system back in 2010, which was basically a completely reworked version of the iOS, which would’ve seemed a bit more likely, BUT, given the popularity of the iOS on so many other devices, it doesn’t come as a HUGE surprised that Apple would go with a slightly modified version of that for its iWatch. This does have certain advantages for the tech Giant, such as allowing them to keep one code-base across all their various platforms.

Well, luckily for Apple, they’re playing it smart, and making sure that this new iWatch will be able to go for several days without needing a recharge. A watch that you have to charge every single day, or even once every two days, will be far too annoying for most users to get on board with. The whole point of a watch like this, is for users to be able to forget it’s even there, while just popping it up and using it when they want it, and if you keep having to be reminded to charge it, well, let’s face it, there’s very few things in technology that people find more annoying than that. Hopefully Apple will find a way, and still be able to launch within their newly projected launch date of “sometime in 2013”, asĀ  I think most Apple fans would love to get their hands on this thing around Christmas time (I know I would).

It’s also been reported that Apple will be working on more ways to seamlessly keep the iPhone and iWatch interconnected, and likely, the same goes for iWatch and iPad to, as they’re obviously targeting many people who already using these devices. While iPhones are portable, nothing beats the portability of a watch. Unfortunately, these releases are the biggest we’ve seen, they’ve been pretty hush hush about the project as a whole, but no doubt, as the potential release date approaches, more details will be coming out soon. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed.

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