Android Smartphone Wrist Watch Coming In September

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Android Smartphone Wrist Watch Coming In September

The potential introduction of a smartphone watch is not “new” in itself, its been every few years that a new wrist mounted phone or computer circulates, and then ultimately doesn’t go anywhere.

The problem, inherently with any type of smart phone wrist watch is that manufacturers are taping into a non existent market. The risk is that people wont use or more importantly, buy the devices, so it comes with a lot of risk.

The so-called Galaxy Gear from Samsung would be an Android-powered smartwatch that sounds like it can operate independently of a connected smartphone device to make calls, browse the web, send and receive emails and more. The Gear won’t use Samsung’s fledgling flexible display technology, however, as that’s not quite ready for prime time, and is still in the crowdsourced contest phase of development.


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