48% Of Facebook Users Are Mobile Only

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48% Of Facebook Users Are Mobile Only

Based on numbers from Facebooks Q3 earnings report, they are showing that 49% of users are only on mobile.

Ad revenues on mobile continue to climb, helping Facebook get to $2.02 Billion in ad revenue this quarter.

The past 2 years have been the biggest growth years ever for mobile, with many new devices coming out and tablet like devices becoming more and more reasonably priced and available to the average consumer.

Mobile ad revenue is climbing and a lot of it has to do with performance marketing.

Advertising come on Facebook and advertise products on a performance basis with what they call “affiliates”. These affiliates promote various products for a payout per sold item.

That means that hundreds, potentially thousands of affiliates are out there promoting various products, for example Wen Haircare. They get a cut of the pie so to speak.

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