What We’ve All Been Waiting For, Google Glass… To Be Released Before 2014?

newsMost people have been really excited about Google’s upcoming wearable computer-glasses, Google Glass, but who could’ve anticipated this? Apparently, Google is shooting for a Pre-2014 release of these bad boys, putting them out, hopefully, by the end of this year (possibly in time for Christmas?).Who knows, you might be wearing Google Glass at Thanksgiving…

Not only that, there has also been wild speculation over the price, and most people have just been totally ballparking somewhere in the 1,000’s of dollars range, but much to our surprise, and excitement, it appears that the device will cost less than $1500 total.

Before this point, Google hasn’t really given us any idea of when their new glasses would be hitting the market, so this is very exciting news. Many people were predicting 2014, 2015, or even later, which seemed like a pretty reasonable timeline, considering all that Google was hoping to accomplish with this new headset.

While originally it was mentioned by Nick Bilton, of the New York Times, that the glasses would come out in 2013, and cost roughly the same amount as your typical smartphone (though the price tag is obviously higher), Sergey Brin, Google’s co-founder, hinted back in June, that the glasses probably wouldn’t be available until at least 2014, perhaps in a move to throw off competitors as to its actual release date.

This time around however, we’re lucky that a Google official stated, in a very direct manner, that they were targeting a 2013 release, so there’s no need to argue over whether the source of the information is reliable, it is.

Apparently, however, the Glasses will be released first to developers (a developer version, that is), before it hits the consumer market. This could beĀ  a wise move to ensure that there are plenty of great apps for people the moment they get their hands on this new device. Whether it’s just the developer version, that will be available in 2013, or whether it’s both, the developer and the consumer version, is tough to say at this point, but the source seems to suggest that it will be both.

Apparently, The Verge, managed to enjoy some one on one time with the new Google Glass for quite some time, and they noted this new device will be compatible, with both iPhone, as well as Android handsets (iPhone coming as a bit of a surprise, but very good news for iPhone users). The Verge also mentioned, that it’s likely that Google Glass will eventually hit the mass market, so in 10 years from now, just like everyone has a cell phones everyone might be walking around with Google Glass on their faces as well, we’ll have to wait and see.

With the announcement of Google Glass, and more information being released on the upcoming iWatch, this is certainly an exciting time for fans of wearable technology. One day (possibly in the near future), we may be syncing our watches, with our glasses, with our smartphones… a gadget-lovers dream come true.

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