The Most Popular Queries on Google Voice Search Are?

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Curious as to what people ask Google’s voice search?

Google Voice has been around for a while now but usage has almost doubled this year.

In order to keep up with the growing user base, Google decided to conduct some research to see what users were searching or asking most commonly.

Here is what they found:

РGoogle voice was most commonly used by people aged 13-18

– The top searches for 13-18 year olds were:

  • 43 percent to call someone
  • 38 percent to ask for directions
  • 31 percent to asked for homework help

– The top searches for adults were:

  • 40 percent asked for directions
  • 39 percent used it to dictate texts
  • 31 percent used it to call someone

Googles study also revealed that the top three reasons people use Google voice were; “its the future”, “for multitasking” and “it makes me more efficient.”

Google voice search is available through the Google app.

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