iWatch: Could It Be Something That’s Actually In The Works?

So far, the rumors have only existed in hush whispers, that have put gadget fans on the edge of their seats wanting to know more, but it seems, two sources, very familiar with Apple, and it’s ventures, have confirmed that the iWatch (fans have dubbed it), is actually in the Research and Development phase at Apple’s Cupertino, CA. offices.

While we don’t know too much about the device yet, we do know however that the watch may be able to take calls, possibly replacing the iPhone, and also, it might allow people to pay for various things, somehow being used as, or tied to, a bank account or credit card.

Imagine being able to call your friends, pay for your meals, and check the time, all on one neat little device that fits around your wrist. Rumors state that this little watch will run iOS, giving users access to all, or many of the goodies that that Operating System provides, good news.

It’s true that many of the executives over at Apple have shown some interest in other forms of wearable technology, so it doesn’t come as a big surprise that Apple would want to pursue that course themselves. It seems they’re goal with technology, has been to make devices that are smaller and smaller, so a wristwatch, only appears to be the next logical step. While Apple seems to be in good hands, we can only hope that the late Steve Jobs had a hand in how the iWatch would be and perform, perhaps this watch will be his final legacy, as he no doubt was working on unpublicized projects behind the scenes, before he passed on.

As far as the appearance and structure of the device itself, it’s rumored that the device will be made out of “curved glass”. Apple has already been working with a company called “Corning” who produces Gorilla Glass, which is a very strong material that Apple already has made use of in some of their other devices, though it seems that this new watch will be primarily curved glass, or at least be made of a much higher percentage of it, than some of their other products.

While Gorilla Glass itself is a bit too strong, and uncomfortable for the likes of a wristwatch, Corning made an announcement back in June, that they finally managed to develop a very thin, and flexible glass, that they’ve dubbed “Willow Glass”.

To give even further evidence of the development of an iWatch, Corning’s CTO, Pete Bocko, mentioned earlier: “You can certainly make it wrap around a cylindrical object and that could be someone’s wrist,” and even said: “Right now, if I tried to make something that looked like a watch, that could be done using this flexible glass.”. Willow Glass is going to start mass-production this summer, according to CNET, but no news on when the iWatch will be available (as it hasn’t even officially been announced yet).

So, this is the information we have on the device right now, but we’ll have to keep our eyes peeled for more information as it becomes available. Obviously, fans of Apple’s products are buzzing about the possibility of this new device, and why shouldn’t they be? An iPhone that you can wear around your wrist? Just tell me where to sign…


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