Don’t Buy an iPhone 6 / 6s Case before Reading this Ultimate iPhone Case Buying Guide

Don’t Buy an iPhone 6 / 6s Case before Reading this Ultimate iPhone Case Buying Guide

iPhone case buying guide 

Since the first iPhone hit stores on June 29 2007, the world has been utterly enamoured with the intuitive technology. Apple has now emerged as an institution in the palms of hands across the globe. To date the brand has flogged an estimated 500 million of the smartphones, with the release of the iPhone6 generating over 10 million orders in its first three days on the market. In the US and Canada the phones dominate 52.3% of the smartphone user market, with similarly high figures recorded in other countries.

Of course, iPhones don’t come cheap which means anyone investing in the next generation technology should protect their devices with a robust case. The market offers a plethora of options so to make the decision easier we’ve put together a buying guide designed to help you purchase the perfect case. Here are some top features to look out for:


The beauty of iPhone cases is the fact that they can be interchanged to create a whole new look in a matter of seconds. Today’s cases are available in a kaleidoscope of colours, with price tags of £15 – £25 offering fantastic value for money and exceptional quality. This means you can mix and match to your heart’s content!

Super slim

iPhones revolutionised the mobile phone market with their ultra-slim designs. If you love this aspect of the phone look for cases that offer adequate protection, without the added bulk. Leather is a fantastic option as its soft and cushioning yet doesn’t add the same hulk as plastic. It also feels wonderfully luxurious on the hands! Next generation materials such as UV coated hard polycarbonate are also great.


If you’re a battery draining fiend consider investing in a case that charges your iPhone while on-the-go. These are more expensive than conventional cases however when it comes to avoiding a dead iPhone they’re an invaluable asset.

A camera peep hole

Some shoddily made iPhone cases neglect the need for a camera peephole in the back of the casing. This is incredibly inconvenient as it means you’ll have to uncase your phone every time you want to snap a picture.


If you put your iPhone through hell and back an ultra-tough case is the solution for you. With waterproof, anti-shock and debris repelling features they’re a must have accessory for iPhone users who are continually exposing their phone to damaging elements.


Users have a tendency to drop their iPhones which means shattered screens are all too common. Avoid these sorts of mishaps by protecting your phone with an anti-slip case. Rubbery inner layers, superior grip and military grade protection will put an end to smashed display screens for good.


Happy buying!


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