Google Chromecast Opening to App Developers


Google’s Chromecast is now looking for apps that can be run on your TV.

Chromecast,  USB portal that can allow you to stream content from your computer or tablet to your TV is now opening it’s doors to the world of apps.

The new Software Development Kit (SDK) will allow developers to giver users the option to stream apps either on their computers, tablets or TV through Chromecast.

Originally, Chromecast was restricted to working with HBO, Pandora and Netflix, but now they are calling for developers who can create apps that can be used on their service.

“With the Chromecast, we’re resetting consumer applications,” said Rishi Chandra, Chromecast’s director of product management. People, he said, “should expect their phones or tablet applications to just work on the television.”

“Gaming is an exciting opportunity for what you can do with Chromecast,” he continued. “It’s exactly the right model. The fact that it works with your iOS phone and Android tablet and Windows laptop is true multiscreen. There’s a lot of potential there,” Chandra concluded.

It is not yet clear when the apps are going to be available but this new venture is going to open doors for developers, particularly those interested in gaming apps.

Gaming apps have become just as popular as video games and this trend is only set to grow.

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