Facebook Under Investigation Over Secret Study

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After a study reported that Facebook had conducted a social experiment on users without their consent, many have backlashed causing those involved to apologize and the watchdog services to start investigating.

Maybe Zuckerberg is just hoping that the entire psychological experiment hype will just die down and slowly disappear into cyber space but it seems that is not likely, not just yet anyway.

Sources are now claiming that a British watchdog is investigating whether Facebook violated data protection laws, even though the social media giant claims that their study did not breach their terms and conditions.

The study involved manipulating the emotional content users saw on their feeds for about a week, to see what reaction both positive and negative content had on their users.

A Facebook spokesperson apologized for the study and promised fans that they would handle research differently in the future.

The UK watchdog investigating the study has not released any information as yet, but have stated that they are working with Facebook and no infringements have been recorded as yet.

The watchdog service may be waisting their time as it is unlikely that Facebook would have made their study public without consulting their lawyer first.

But, if Facebook is found guilty, they could be ordered to pay close to $1 million.

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