Androids New Lollipop 4.5 Update

lollipop .45

Android is getting ready to release their latest software update, Android 4.5 Lollipop and here is what it will offer:

The new Android update will be released later this month and boasts a clean, smooth design very similar to iOS 7’s design.

The icons will appear as flat, circular and colorful and the status bar will be transparent.

The buttons used for navigation are cleaner and minimalistic appearance making it look less cluttered.

Besides the aesthetics, the new update will focus on unifying Android with Chrome and one of the major changes will be the multitasking windows that are completely functional.

Apps will also be seen as interactive windows, not just static ones which means that you can reply to an email or text without having to fully open the applications. All of this will also be powered by HTML 5. 


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