Google Sells Out of Cotton White Google Glass

google glass

Google’s one-day Glass sale has been a major success for the tech giant with one style selling out within the first few hours.

While no final statistics have been released, Google announced that there one day, membership free sale on their glasses was a success with the cotton white version selling out in just a few hours.

“Just a quick update that — ack — we’ve sold out of Cotton (white), so things are moving really fast,” stated the tech giant on their Google+ page.

This was the first time Google has opened their Google Glass up to the general public and it seems that the strategy was more of a test to see how willing people were to pay the hefty price tag of $1,500.

Currently it is estimated that only 10,000 people in the US own a pair of Google’s Glass however, this figure has not been confirmed.

While no public release date has been announced it seems that if yesterdays sale really was the success that Google is making it out to be then it’s probably only a matter of time.

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